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HJ and Murph gazing into Monument Valley after their climb of Standing Rock
To see all the pictures and hear the entire account
I became aware of Standing Rock early in my climbing career. I was living in Vermont, where I went to college, learned to climb, (thanks to my buddy Greg Murphy) and then proceeded to teach High School Physics. During this time period, if Murph and I weren't climbing, Vibramycin cost, we would pour over the latest issue of Mountain Magazine. I distinctly remember the issue with Standing Rock on the cover, and the article by Layton Kor and Steve Komito about the climb. Steve Komito's description:"...Standing Rock appears to be composed of layers of Rye Krisp held in place by bands of moist kitty litter" is perhaps one of the best descriptions of the high quality of the routes rock. Layton Kors rational for climbing it "not so much because it's there, but because it might not be much longer" landed the climb in my conciousness as an extremely unlikely endeavor, Vibramycin For Sale. In fact, Buying Vibramycin online over the counter, to a boy from Montana raised on big mountains and skiing, Standing Rock seemed infinitely less likely than a winter ascent of the Cassin Ridge which was an accompanying article in the same issue.


My awareness of Monster Tower and Washerwoman Arch came bit later. In the late 80s my girlfriend and I where doing a self-supported bicycle trip around the White Rim Trail. We're carrying bivy sacks, a little food and a shitload of water. Vibramycin For Sale, We're riding along late in the afternoon when I see my friend Alex Lowe's Suburu parked. I considered this a huge stroke of luck, Vibramycin canada, mexico, india, as I had no idea he was going to be there. Even better luck, as I get off my bike to have a look, Alex is walking toward the car. He and George Lowe have just knocked off Washerwoman Arch and Monster Tower. Is Vibramycin safe, I'm drooling at the thought of a nice cold one. Alex was going off on how good the climbing was, (not that that was unusual, Alex always went off about how good every climb was), but I wasn't really listening, I wanted a beer, Vibramycin For Sale. Unbelievably, Alex hadn't brought any. I almost stripped him of his Monatanan citizenship on the spot. A deflating experience, however, it put two more climbs on the White Rim Trail on my list, comprar en línea Vibramycin, comprar Vibramycin baratos.


Years go by, and I never manage get to the White Rim to climb. Vibramycin For Sale, Partly this is due to the fact that I have a reputation for "epic grovels", so many of my climbing friends believe anything I'm really excited about is probably a bad idea. Luckily for me there is one person out there who shares my enthusiasm for this sort of thing, my first climbing partner, Greg Murphy. Purchase Vibramycin, So, when he called me up saying he had a three-day window to go climbing, it was easy to agree on an objective: desert here we come.


Any good climbing trip involves overcoming insurmountable odds to achieve an objective. In the case of Murph and I these odds presented themselves in the forms of being ridiculously out of shape and figuring out how to get free time. Murph had the obstacle of switching jobs and family obligations (read two boys with infinite amounts of energy), but somehow he cleared a three day weekend at the end of October, Vibramycin For Sale. My obstacle was in the form of reroofing my house; when Murph called to say he could get away in two weeks, I was up to my ears in a stripped roof that needed to be finished before winter, where can i find Vibramycin online, which in Montana could be any time. I suggested to Murph he might want to buy a refundable plane ticket in case I couldn't pull this off.

After 23 days of roofing, including working into the night with my headlamp, I finished my roof enough to survive the winter at 10:30 p.m. on October 19th. Vibramycin for sale, I was now in excellent shape for climbing 45 degree nailing pitches with 15 to 30 feet of exposure.

The next morning I loaded up the truck, (OK, Dad's truck, I'm 46, and I still have to borrow a car from my parents if I want to go somewhere, what's up with that you may ask?) This actually took awhile, as I hadn't climbed since the previous fall, Vibramycin coupon, due to putting an addition on my house and... Vibramycin For Sale, anyway, it took awhile to actually find my gear. Once I get everything tossed into the back of the truck, it's off to the airport in Salt Lake City to pick up Greg.

So, the drive to Salt Lake is relatively uneventful. There's a wreck of a semi jackknifed on 191 in Island Park that manages to slow me down by about an hour, Buy Vibramycin no prescription, but when I get to the airport, it seems ok as Murphs plane is displaying as late. Finding Murph at the airport is slightly problematic as I spend an hour looking for him in the wrong terminal. The fact that I don't have a cell phone makes this infinitely more complicated than this needs to be. I finally figure it out, find Murph and we're on our way at 10:30 pm, Vibramycin For Sale. Chips and Salsa and beer brought along from Montana gets us to a bivy on some dirt road on BLM land off the Island in The Sky road. (NOTE: it's KEY to bring your own beer to Utah, if you drink the 3 percent swill that passes for beer in Utah you will get a headache long before you get a buzz.) It's a gorgeous night, low dose Vibramycin, gorgeous stars, and the ultra-plush inch and a half Insul-mat air mattresses that my buddy Greg G. at Pacific Outdoors set me up with provide an awesome nights sleep. ("Short, but refreshing." Ranger Doug, Is Vibramycin addictive, the idle of American Youth.)

After we wake up and chow down some cereal, it's time to deal with logistics. Vibramycin For Sale, At the Island in the Sky ranger station we try to line out some camping permits for the White Rim Trail. Our goals are pretty simple, we've got three days, and we want to knock off Washer Woman Arch, Monster Tower and Standing Rock. This seems to be a problem as there are no available campsites for our first night, Vibramycin long term. Luckily the young woman posing in the ranger outfit takes pity on our middle-aged asses and points out the backcountry permit loophole, as if we are newbies instead of the seasoned climbing scammers we envision ourselves as. (Just sleep at least a mile from the road.) Problem solved. We get a backcountry permit for night one and a site at Airport Tower for night two, Vibramycin For Sale. We start driving; it's now 8:30 a.m.

The White rim trail starts out as a very decent road with a pile of switchbacks. It's incredibly scenic, Vibramycin used for, but if you're driving it might be best to not pay attention to the scenery, as the switchbacks are quite abrupt. Missing one might not be a good idea. Do stop to take in the scenery.

A must see destination on the White Rim is Muscleman Arch. Vibramycin For Sale, Walking across this sidewalk in space (or jumping as you see our hero Murph doing) is one of the easier ways to achieve a maximum of exposure with a minimum of effort.

muscleman shadow
We also had fun taking a picture of our silhouettes on the canyon wall from the arch.

After a bunch of driving that varied from good dirt road to five mile an hour rock bouncing we arrived at Washerwoman Arch and Monster Tower at somewhere around 11:00 a.m. We drove past the Towers to the south, Vibramycin dosage, which turned out to be a good move as it was a distinctly shorter approach than from the pullout on the north side. We tossed out our sleeping bags to dry and racked up.

towers and truck

We had an absolutely beautiful day. No wind, Vibramycin For Sale. I'm pretty sure the last time there was a day with no wind in Canyonlands was sometime in the Pleistocene. Murph was so impressed by this that he wore shorts. Being somewhat more conservative I wore long pants with convenient knee ventilation, Vibramycin brand name, (the choice of discerning off-width aficionados.)

The hike to the base of the route was your typical talus and mud desert grovel. There were plenty of cairns, none of which seemed to have any relationship to each other. Vibramycin For Sale, The route In Search of Suds (5.10+/.11-) starts on the southeast corner of the tower. As desert routes go it wasn't too bad. The first three pitches were basic wide crack climbing (mostly big hands and fists with a little chimneying) that wasn't overly strenuous, some hard moves in places, but nothing particularly continuous, Vibramycin use. The pitches are high quality by desert standards, and the second pitch goes by a really cool keyhole in the rock. The top of the third pitch places you on a plateau with the summit block on the west end. The summit-block had thin, but not strenuous face climbing, Vibramycin For Sale. The climb had nice belays, good pro, Vibramycin overnight, and the summit was awesome with its views of the Colorado River, the Needles, the Maze, and the North Face of Monster Tower. The rappel down was fun as well, right through the middle of the arch. The anchors are actually located below the lip, generic Vibramycin, which makes for a bit of an exciting start, but definitely cuts down on rope gouges in the rock.

1st pitch
Murph on the 1st pitch

HJ at 1st belay. Note high quality drilled angle.

keyholeww Vibramycin For Sale, Murph on the 2nd pitch.

Murph below to the outrageously silly summit block.

Murph climbing the summit block

following summit block
HJ following the last pitch

HJ on the last pitch. Vibramycin over the counter,

Murph with Monster Tower in the background.

team phot washer woman arch
Team photo on Washerwoman Arch.

rapping washer woman arch
The excellent rappel through Washerwoman Arch

Since it was still daylight when we got off of Washerwoman, we headed over to Monster Tower, Vibramycin For Sale. (You will correctly ascertain our basic laziness in this move to avoid doing the approach a second time.) We scrambled up through the notch between the two towers and were able to get to the belay at the start of the second pitch of The North Face (5.11a+!), thus avoiding what is described as a loose 5.8 corner. (Although it didn't really look bad.)

Monster Tower is definitely a step up from Washer Woman in terms of burl factor. Since we'd cleverly skipped the first pitch, I set out leading the second pitch, Vibramycin treatment, a (surprise) fist crack. It was a gorgeous pitch, and just strenuous enough to keep you awake. Vibramycin For Sale, (5.10ish) This crack led to a ledge with a kick-backed offwidth corner. I started up this, but quickly decided the rope-drag was a bit much. Australia, uk, us, usa, Especially since I had no gear that would protect this bit. (It probably would have taken a #6 friend or a #3 big-bro to protect.) I backtracked to the gorgeous ledge and put in a belay. Murph quickly followed, and then dispatched the corner above by pinching the slab and face-climbing, thus avoiding any offwidth moves. Probably 5.8 or 5.9X the way he did it, Vibramycin For Sale. The following pitch was the real deal, a section of difficult rattley fingers followed by hands through two offwidth pods advertised in topos we'd seen as the 5.11a crux pitch, where to buy Vibramycin. I was happy to discover that reroofing my house had been good enough training for my forearms to pull this off. Another very cool pitch, ending on another gorgeous ledge, though it seemed a bit stout for the grade. This was followed by two slightly easier pitches through broken ground, Buy Vibramycin online no prescription, probably in the 5.9-5.10 range, both with good belay ledges. Vibramycin For Sale, (Are you getting the gist of this. Lots of good belay ledges.) The last pitch was the second crux, a little 5.11a, (hah), face-climbing to avoid the original bolt ladder. The protection for this little gem of a move is an old button-head bolt, order Vibramycin online c.o.d. (Note to do-gooders, it would be really cool for this to be replaced.) Anyway, Murph did a super graceful job of negotiating the moves past the bolt. Following, I was somewhat less graceful; I fell on my first try, Vibramycin without prescription, but figured it out on my second. The rest of the pitch to the summit was uneventful.

off-finger pitch
HJ on the 5.11 off-finger pitch

Murph on the 5.11 face crux

Murph after the hard bit, Vibramycin For Sale.

HJ on a superlative ledge just below the summit.

Being on top of Monster Tower in the late afternoon was yet another superlative desert experience. The fact that there was still no wind whatsoever was also unbelievable to me. I'd never experienced desert towers without wind.

Murph on the summit of Monster Tower looking west.

hjsummitmonster Vibramycin For Sale, HJ on summit of Monster Tower looking north, with shadows of Washerwoman and Monster Tower.

Murph practicing his gymnastics, looking southeast, Vibramycin no prescription.

The summit register was also cool, including a drawing by Renen Ozturk.

Obviously, things were going just a little bit too smoothly, so it was necessary to spice things up with a mistake. Online buying Vibramycin hcl, Ours was to rap the route. (What we needed to do was rap the Kor route that ends on the west side of the tower.) Anyway, we got to the base of the crux off-finger crack and couldn't pull our ropes, Vibramycin For Sale. So, we had the joy of climbing the crux pitch a second time and moving our ropes over to continue down the Kor route.

We did manage to get off the tower by dark, just barely. It was certainly dark by the time we got back to the truck and our high quality imported from Oregon via Montana beer. A little dinner accompanied by some good hurtin' country tunes on a perfectly still, crystal clear desert evening rounded out a great day, no prescription Vibramycin online. We made the rational decision to wait until morning to head to Monument Basin, grabbed our sleeping bags and cushy pads and walked "a mile" away from the road up a wash and crashed.

The next morning it's off to Monument Basin to climb Standing Rock. Vibramycin For Sale, The driving on this section of the road was quite a bit worse in terms of road quality, but a lot of stellar scenery. The information we had suggested that there are two possibilities for getting to Standing Rock. One involves walking to the southeast along the north edge of Monument Basin until you find a way down a scree slope into the basin. The other involves finding a place to rap into the basin near the road. Vibramycin images, We chose the latter, though it took us a bunch of time to figure this out.

monument basin
The bottom of our rap into the basin, Standing Rock in the background.

Standing Rock
Standing Rock

Once we actually got into the basin, it was a quick walk to Standing Rock, Vibramycin For Sale. Keeping true to form we were once again getting a crack of noon start to our actual climbing. My long history of thinking about climbing this thing was actually getting to me. That, and it just plain looked weird, Vibramycin from mexico, maybe even wrong. Weirdness number one was just how quickly you could walk around the base of this thing, literally less than a minute. Vibramycin For Sale, Maybe it's fifty feet in diameter at the bottom, and the whole thing is undercut. The other weirdness is the rock itself, layers of really soft eroded away rock layered with just barely harder rock that forms a series of roofs up Standing Rocks entire 350 vertical feet. Where can i order Vibramycin without prescription, So, I was actually getting butterflies, and I needed to start climbing.

Once I was climbing, I settled down pretty quickly. The first pitch starts by climbing a boulder that is leaning against the bottom of the tower. (Perhaps this was once on top of Standing Rock, and has fallen down?) This takes you to a corner full of bulges, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, which leads to a really cool traverse under a giant roof, and then some more wide cracks in shallow corners up to a belay ledge. (Need I say that the belay ledge was gorgeous?) Murphs pitch started with a cool traverse over space followed by strenuous climbing up a sort of crack system with seemingly continuous bulges, Vibramycin For Sale. The last pitch is the crux, and it looked like totally blank face-climbing. Once I bouldered up to the blank looking bit, Vibramycin online cod, I realized that my assessment was correct, it was blank. I ended up doing a desperation dyno that I miraculously stuck. Some more difficult, (read strenuous) moves led to easier ground. Vibramycin For Sale, Topos we'd seen suggested belaying in this area, but I couldn't find anything that would make a decent anchor, so I continued to the top, albeit with quite a bit of rope drag.

1st pitch sr
HJ Below the big roof of the 1st pitch

"Excellent" anchors at the first belay

murph climbs 2nd sr
Murph starts the traverse of the second pitch

HJ on the 5.11 blank bit.

I admit that I was thrilled to be on top of Standing Rock. It is a totally nutbar place, herbal Vibramycin. Knowing you're on this skinny tower, whose shadow is a reminder of just how little is holding the thing together, is really a one of a kind experience. The rest of Monument Basin is equally amazing. Another great climb on another perfect, windless day.

team photo sr
Success, Vibramycin For Sale.

Team photo on Standing Rock

HJ, looking south with Mars to the left.

Murph, looking east towards the truck and beer.

murph rapsr
Murph on an uneventful desert rappel.

short life
Murph, helping geology along and hoping for a "last" ascent.

Vibramycin For Sale, This time we had no hassles rappelling, and were back at the car well before sunset to enjoy some more well deserved real beer. We drove back the way we'd come, taking in all the scenery and camped that night at the Airport Tower Campsite. Score: Three towers in 27 hours. Not quite up to the "in-a-day" standards of the California contingent, but a proud showing nonetheless for our story's heroes whose combined age is over 90.


Do to our efficiency, we had an extra day of climbing for which we had no objective. We ended up driving out of the White Rim via the Potash road, which was more amazing scenery, and then climbing at Maverick Buttress. The climbs there were very high quality, and we gave it the nickname of "the friendly crag" as the ratings seemed quite soft compared to what we'd been climbing. And, no, we did not run out of beer before we left Utah.



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