Having me photograph your wedding is a great idea Each year I photograph a small number of weddings for couples who are interested in an artist's documentation of their ceremony and festivities. By limiting myself to a small number of events, I can bring a fresh perspective to each occasion, focusing on the individuals and moments that make your wedding unique. I will not fill your wedding album with overly choreographed images that have become a parody of weddings. I will take the time to learn who the important participants in your wedding are, and I will capture the tender, joyful and humorous moments that will be beautiful reminders of your nuptials for generations. As an artist, I have my own darkroom, and I can produce the same museum quality prints of your wedding as I do for the galleries and museums that display my work. Film produces the best results I will photograph your wedding with film for some compelling reasons. The first is that no matter what anyone tries to tell you, digital media cannot match the qualities and tonalities of film. The second is that digital cameras can have a time lag between pressing the shutter and producing the image. When you are capturing unique moments, you can’t afford your recording device to hesitate in any way. Finally, if your images are recorded digitally, you need to continually update the files they are stored on to be compatible with current software requirements. If you are good at keeping current with all the latest advances in digital media, this might not pose a problem, but the reality is most of us have ended up with plenty of disks that our computers can no longer read. Film, on the other hand, can be scanned at any time to create a digital file and, for a modest price, you can have all your images scanned to disk at the time of delivery. Why I will give you the copyright to your images I also believe that if you hire somebody to photograph your wedding, you have the right to own the images produced. I charge a fair fee to be the artist/photographer at your event and I will contractually grant you the copyright to all the photographs I take at your wedding. This has very real emotional and financial benefits to you. When you receive the proof images, they will not be stamped with “PROOF” across the center of the image, instead each photograph will be suitable to be placed immediately in a wedding album. I will be happy to produce museum quality images for any of the photographs you choose, but if you need lesser quality images, (as an example you might want to send a wedding picture to the 150 people on your holiday card list) since you own the negatives, you can decide that you would rather pay a modest price for machine made prints for this purpose. Photographers who hold the copyright to your wedding images can charge whatever they want for prints of your images as they will never release the negatives to you. Also, if you have your own negatives, you have the peace of mind of knowing you can take them to be printed anywhere, by anyone you want, without having to keep track of the original photographer. If the individual who photographs your wedding retains the photographic negatives, (or the high quality digital image files), you may lose the images to neglect, relocation, or death. Unique, affordable, and affable If my approach seems right for you, don't hesitate to give me a call with any questions you might have. While my approach is artistic in nature, you'll find that I'm easy to work with and will create images of your ceremony that you and your family will treasure for years. Call me at (406) 579-5679.

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