Own an original HJ Schmidt black and white print Fine Art prints are available through a number of galleries across the United States, as well as directly through me. If you are local to the Bozeman area, call me to arrange a time to view prints in person. A list of galleries currently carrying my work is available via email, or just call to let me know where you're located. Pricing and edition sizes vary, so it's best to call to inquire about any images that catch your eye. Will work for food As a writer and photographer, I'm also available for assignments. I’ve traveled throughout the world seeking unique places. Along the way I’ve climbed some of the most technically demanding mountains, discovered unknown remote slot canyons, and survived both being buried in an avalanche and marching through a jungle in 100 degree heat with ticks burrowing into my body; all with a camera to my eye and a notebook in my pocket. I have eclectic interests including technical equipment, gourmet cooking, playing music, and architectural design as well as my love of skiing, climbing, kayaking, backpacking and biking. All these interests inform my aesthetic ability to produce unique captivating images in words and pictures. My sense of humor doesn't hurt either. Wedding and special events While I specialize in creating fine art prints of the landscapes I encounter in my travels, I also have a unique eye for people and portraiture. I shoot unusual wedding ceremonies in unusual ways -- see the wedding gallery for examples of my work in this field. See the Weddings page for more on my approach to shooting your special day. I am also available for portrait work as well as other special events.

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